Judy Millar

Studio Investigations


Verve magazine Lifestyle

13th October 2018


“Floor-to-ceiling shelves of wrapped and numbered artworks, rolls and rolls of packing materials (including recyclable bubble wrap, I am happy to report), shipping crates in varying sizes, with wheels, without wheels, painted white, unpainted, tools, so many tools. Tape, saws, craft knives, trestle tables, whiteboards, and lists.

The only studioesque smattering of paint in the expansive warehouse space was long dried on the floor. That’s not to say there was an absence of paint. The walls were populated with her works each containing giant dramatic motions of paint and colour, entwining themselves upon the surface, telling their stories of space and time, their concentrated crescendos of pure colour reaching out for your soul, drawing you into their lucid dance.”

I digress.

The walls were also populated with well-ordered printed photographs of tiny model rooms made from foamboard, within which mini-works were marked up with their location. Judy is in the midst of organising artwork required for a five-room-filling survey exhibition of her work, planned for Kunstmuseum St Gallen in Switzerland early next year. Amongst other things this entails contacting collectors, museums and public galleries to loan works needed for the show.”


Words: Aimée Ralfini