“Keep The Doors And Windows Open” January 25 2018  – February 17 2018 – Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand


“Swallowed In Space”

26 October –  December 2017 – Mark Mueller Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

Solo Exhibition

Turning the World Inside Out: 30 Years a Painter  30 August – 24 September 2016 – Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


“Advancing All Electric” 2016 – Galerie Mark Mueller “Tango Them Basel”- Zurich, Switzerland

11 June – 23 July 2016


“The Bridegroom’s Voice”: Bartley and Company, Wellington, New Zealand : 20 April – 7 May 2016


SCAPE 8: Christchurch:  30 October – 15 November 2015

“Call Me Snake” – steel frame, plywood, digital print

“Reverse Cinema” 29 May – 26 June 2015 – Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney , Australia


Devonport Library Commission

In 2014 Judy Millar was commissioned to produce a 16 x 3 meter curtain for the new Devonport Library in Auckland. The library designed by Athfield Architects Auckland opened in February 2015.


The Model World – Te Uru Contemporary Gallery – 13 February – 1 April 2015


Judy Millar: The Model World


In the theatre world, models are miniature sets used to test the placement of images and objects in a specific space. Like a life-size model world, Judy Millar’s recent work combines a projected image, moving components, and painted and blank surfaces, which collectively could resemble an artist’s studio or an engineering workshop – both sites for production and experimentation or creativity through play. Visitors are encouraged to participate and occupy Millar’s constructed world by transforming flat-folded works into three-dimensional pop-ups and casting exaggerated shadows while moving through the gallery, making explicit the subjective and ambiguous relationships that influence our experience of paintings; between painting and space, image and form, the real world and its mediated imprint on a surface.

The Model World also extends on our new publication, Swell, a pop up book for children and the result of a collaboration between Judy Millar, writer Trish Gribben and paper engineer Phillip Fickling. Millar’s paintings were turned into twisting, swelling and heaving pop-ups that folded neatly between the pages. Here, paintings shift scale again to take on a larger-than-life presence as a further exploration of the degrees of separation in the painting process that playfully but persistently rejects the notion of a painting as a discrete, mimetic object that represents the world but is not subject to its forces.


Proof Of Heaven – Gow Langsford Gallery – Auckland – New Zealand

3 March – 28 March 2015


Judy Millar Paintings: 11 October – 15 November 2014: Galerie Mark Mueller, Zurich, Switzerland

“movements towards formation” 30 April – 3 May 2015: Frontviews Temporary, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany



Swell: A Pop-Up Book for children featuring the work of Judy Millar due December 2014.

Published by Lopdell House Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Cinema and Painting: 11 February – 11 May 2014:  Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

“Space Work 7” – wood, paint and digital print




Space Work 7 – construction: AdaM Art Gallery, February 2014

Be Do Be Do Be Do Catalogue – published by IMA Brisbane, Australia – Now Available

Judy Millar: Be Do Be Do Be Do

Auckland painter Judy Millar has been making ever bigger paintings. A few years back, she surprised and confounded her audience by enlarging her painterly gestures using a billboard printer—it seemed heretical. Was this painting proper or something else? In Be Do Be Do Be Do, she goes the other way, hand-painting monstrously enlarged half-tone dots on ribbons of bendy-ply, which are contorted into complex curves, creating a play between the Arp-like biomophism of the painted imagery and the Serra-like architecture of the scrolling wood. One curly painting, sitting on its edge, barricades a gallery; one, mounted to the wall, is all fleshly folds and love handles; another hangs from the ceiling from a harness, unfurling, flaccid, across the floor, revealing its pink underside. Rosemary Hawker reads Millar’s project through Susan Stewart’s interest in the play between the miniature (the world within world) and the gigantic (the world without world). / $5

Red Red Orange :5 February – 1 March 2014Bartley and Company Art, Wellington, New Zealand



Do Be Do:  25 October – 16 November 2013: Hamish Morrison Galerie, Berlin, Germany


Be Do Be Do Be Do; 8 June – 27 July 2013; IMA, Brisbane, Australia


Judy Millar’s Be Do Be Do Be Do 2013 discussed  by Dylan Rainforth in the Art Guide Australia


Images for Images; Artists for Tichy – Tichy for Artists: 7 April – 31 July 2013; GASK, Gallery of Central Bohemia, Czech Republic.




I Give You The End Of A Golden Thread”: 7 May – 8 June 2013: Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, Australia


Comic Drop: 19 March – 12 April 2013, Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand


Contact. Artists from Aotearoa/New Zealand: Frankfurter Kunstverein: 5 October – 25 November  2012

Judy Millar; The Rainbow Loop: Limited Edition Catalogue: published by Kerber Verlag, Germany, 2012

The Rainbow Loop – 14 April – 24 June 2012 – MgK, Otterndorf, Germany


The Split Ferryman – 1 May – 25 May 2012: Sullivan + Strumpf, Sydney, Australia



A Converstaion with Judy Millar: Redifining Limits was featured in the November 2011 issue of Sculpture magazine.

Download pdf


Robert Leonard talks to Judy about her work in Personal Structures, Venice 2011

Push, Pop, Stack!, 8 October – 12 November, 2011
Mark Mueller Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland